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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Beginning

Hello Everyone, I have been a lurker for about a month, was so glad I found this site after reading so much negative on the internet.  Hubby and I are buying a Jefferson with Ryan homes in Maryland, keeping our current home of 28 years, to close to pay off to sell.  We have received our loan approval, so I thought I would give this blogging thing a try.  Waiting for a date for our pre-construction meeting, told it will be within the next week. Thanks everyone for the help with "good options" and pointers on what to wait to purchase for myself.  Does not appear to be to many Jefferson bloggers, bad sign maybe?  My current home is 80 years old, all of the new home features/designs are so beautiful, we are very very excited. 


  1. FOUND YOU!!! =)

    Is your blog set to private? I can't follow it and your link on my blog comes up as this blog does not exist. You may want to check your settings.

    Congrats on the house!! So excited for you!

  2. Congrats and welcome to the Ryan Homes blogging eFamily. Feel free to not just lurk, but actively participate. Ask questions, share ideas, share problems, whatever you want. You will find that we all love to get involved and we will share in your excitement.

    It is nice to have another couple of "old farts" blogging...we have been married 29 years and have 2 daughters who have grown up and moved away :).

    I don't think the lack of Jefferson blogs is a bad thing...there are a few models that you don't find very often in developments so no worries...we all like seeing different models