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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Waiting Phase

Signed final change order today, meeting with PM for pre-construction meeting set for 29 August. We received a free morning room, finished basement, and closing help from Ryan and NVR.  Purchased upgraded kitchen with gourmet island, recessed lights, laminate selection for kitchen/morning room, will upgrade to wood floors in about a year, after all has settled down.  Preliminary completion timeframe set for the middle of November, I will mentally prepare for the middle of December, that way there will be no disappointments.  Happy to say I met with our sales associate today and had a sheet full of questions, all that I gathered from reading all of your blogs (ie: drain in garage, gas water heater vs. electric, etc.)


  1. It sounds like your meeting went well! =)

    WOW! I moved into a brand new home from a 10 yr old house. And I'm excited. I can't imagine moving into one from an 80 yr old house! I bet your current house has a lot of charm. I love old houses like that.

    I can't wait to see how things go!

  2. Our first house was 44 years old when we moved in so it would be about 71 years old now, so you still got us by a little bit on that one. Our current house is 23 years old and definitely showing it's age...we are so excited to move in to our nice NEW home in a few weeks. No matter how stressful things get(and they will), just remind yourself that you will have a nice NEW HOME in the end...enjoy the process!!!