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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Got Brick

Stopped by today and low and behold, they have completed the brick work, no shutters or trim have been added yet.  Snuck inside and the tub is there as well as HVAC/wiring/piping, etc. all throughout. Was able to see some of the insulation in the ceiling and it was super thick, I could not read or find wrap to see exactly what thickenss it was. Expected to start with drywall during the upcoming week, will speak to PM to see exactly what is on schedule. Our tentative closing date is, can you believe, December 23rd, although they did say it could potentially move up or back by a week or so.


  1. The brick looks beautiful! What a wonderful Christmas present!

  2. Rosita, this is beautiful; I love the look!

  3. Thank you both,
    @Rachel, it would be great timing as I am scheduled to be off work the week between Christmas and New Years and our 29th wedding anniversary is that week also, so a fabulous way to end 2011. I can not wait to see how the georgetown green shutter's and the framing around the door bring out the few scattered green bricks, it keeps you on edge hoping that everything you picked out looks good together.

    @Danielle, thank you and I cannot believe the great progress you guys are making, look forward to seeing it all come together.

  4. The brick looks it.