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Thursday, October 27, 2011

All Wrapped Up

Tomorrow is Hubby's birthday, so I took him to see his freshly wrapped birthday present. They are really flying right along, expected to have brick up on Monday, such an exciting time. Still muddy so not able to see the rear of the house yet (morning room and basement steps). Doors still in the garage but looks like most windows installed.


  1. What a great view for his birthday. For my birthday we have the potential for settlement (well, one day after my birthday), but it may also get pushed closer to hubby's birthday in January.

    I would find some grubby shoes or go buy some boots and stomp on back there! I am just that kind of girl, though. Actually just bought a pair of waterproof, steel toe work boots last night so that I can walk our property with all the mud. They will also come in handy when we finish the basement. Only $39.99 and they're pink, too.

  2. Believe me, had we not been coming from work, I would have been right back there, LESSON LEARNED - keep old snow boots in the car trunk from this moment forward.

  3. Hubby keeps his work boots in the back of my car inside grocery bags. Once mine come, I'll do the same thing. We made the mistake of taking the kids out the other day and just walking on the street their shoes were filthy. Guess they need boots - and that was just on the street, we didn't let them walk the lot. Oh well.

  4. @GinaK - you sound just like my youngest daughter...she is all about being a girl, but not afraid to get dirty like the guys...she has a pink tool kit with all pink tools in it.

    @Rosita - we started carrying old sneakers with us so we could go tromping around the yard to see the whole house...we also kept a flashlight and tape measure in the car as well. Your house is really coming together will slow down a little right before drywall...there are a ton of inspections that have to get done before drywall can start.