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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Counting Down

Hi everyone, all the homes are coming along so fast, thank goodness for the mild weather we have had on the East Coast, can't wait to read the updates from those that have closed. Our final walk-through is scheduled this week, the 5th and we are scheduled to close on the 11th. Had to resubmit all paperwork because it was longer than 3 months since our initial approval, everything is still a go. Here are a few pictures of the house progress to date. The flooring and countertops all have a gray tone, the picture really does not show those colors.

Refrigerator not placed in correct spot yet

Left side of basement
Right side of basement
Back half of My dream closet
We have grass and landscaping added, will update in the Spring
Partial backyard view
Looking out of my granddaughter's bedroom, not sure if you can see all the deer by and in the woods, we have lived in the city for 30 years, so seeing the deer out of the bedroom window let's us know we are officially in the suburbs


  1. Such a beautiful view of the woods right outside your window! Everything looks great. Good luck with closing!

  2. Thank you, you guys are in the city, so you can probably understand our excitement of seeing woods and deer out the bedroom window. You guys are really starting to see some action, the time will take forever and fly at the same time.

  3. Definitely understand! Our view of wild life usually entails subway rats. I'll take a view of Bambi any day over those creatures!

  4. Our walkthrough is the 6th, with closing on the 12th. I guess you have beaten us by a single day.

  5. Simon Jessey, we are both so close, loving your count down, best wishes to you on the 12th.

    Thank you Christina, I was sweating bullets for awhile, changed from the lighter maple cognac to the darker cherry and thankfully I think it came together nicely. Can not wait to follow your journey, it will be an awesome time.