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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Already a Delay

Well, delay number one in the ground breaking process.  We were supposed to break ground tomorrow (Monday, 12th), which is what we were told during our pre-construction meeting.  Called PM Friday, had not received any update, that's when I was told it would be another week "or two."  Grrr, thankfully, I will have my current home to stay in and not have to stay with relatives, really hoping I at least have a couple of weeks before Christmas to move and try to decorate


  1. Aww!!! Hopefully, your situation will not be like ours where breaking ground is delayed MULTIPLE times. I'm curious to know, did your PM provide you with a reason as to why there is a delay? It's suppose to be sunny in our area tomorrow...

  2. Supposedly either a permit issue or we did not come up on the list yet at their meeting last week..frustrating but keeping the faith that our day will come :).