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Monday, September 12, 2011

More Info Re: Delay

Spoke with sales rep today to ask if she knew the reason for the delay, wanted to see if the "reasons" matched up with what PM told me.  She contacted her manager and said that we are now scheduled for the 26th, we should have been told at the precon mtg that our break ground day was Sept 19th instead of Sept 12th.  Due to the delay from the terrible rains last week, they were unable to start the house that was scheduled to break ground, therefore, they are breaking ground this week and the house that was scheduled to break ground this week will now break ground next week, which means we will break ground the week after next (26th).  When we signed we were told we should be expect to close in by the middle of November, now we are looking at middle to end of December, sales rep said be prepared for a January closing, if the house is finished sooner (Dec), then I will not be disappointed.  I am really trying to remain positive and excited, but the delay is getting a bit much.  We signed our contract the middle of July, it is now two months later and nothing has been done except waiting...waiting...waiting.  Heavy Sigh!!


  1. Don't get overly secure about closing dates / settlement until your drywall meeting. Once the drywall is in the PM can truly give an accurate estimate. Once those things are completed (framing, mechanical, drywall) they can really bear down with the dates. Our PM was overly cautious but it payed off and we didn't have any expectations about closing until he was able to pin-point it.

    The other thing to think about is the dozens of inspections that take place, most of which you'll never hear about.

    Maybe out PM was good at managing our expectations, sounds like you're hearing things from different people. Hope you can trust your PM.

  2. I'm sorry you've been delayed so long; we were SO lucky - we stayed on or ahead of schedule the whole time, but we were under roof well before the earthquake, hurricane and horrific flooding. Nobody could have anticipated the type of weather woes we have experienced. Like G said, once they have the framing and roof done, things are more in their control.

    I think your sales rep gave you sound advice for planning your move later, rather than earlier. If they finish early, it will be a happy surprise. If they finish late, you won't have to panic.

    Good Luck! We'll be looking forward to reading about your progress.

  3. Jury is still out on the PM, only met him once at precon mtg, he is new to the community however, he said he has been with Ryan for about 10 years. When they originally told me November, I prepared for December, kind of disappointed in January, but, I will get over it and am truly thankful that we are able to even go through this process. Will just be extra time to shop :).

    Ravenna Ranter - anxiously looking forward to your update and pictures, I was very happy for you when you received your keys and hopefully my NVR experience will be a little smoother :).

  4. Hang in's actually good you were not in the middle of footer and foundation pouring when we were getting tons of rains...that can really mess of concrete and footers. Once they get going they will fly right along until just before drywall...there are a ton of inspections that they have to pass before they can start insulation and drywall...then they will pick up the pace again. G is right...once they get thru drywall you will be able to get a firm date.

  5. @BD, you are 100% correct, I must remember everything happens for a reason. I am back in the right frame of mind now, just had a pout moment :). Your home is absolutely beautiful and only a few more days for you, woo hoo.