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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Some of the selections we made:
Elevation:  C
Siding: Stone Mountain Clay
Shutters/Door: Georgetown Green (since I currently live in DC next to Georgetown, thought this was appropriate :).
Brick: Monticello
Stone Color: picked bucks county (later changed to all brick, so no stone)
Carpet: Doveshell
Foyer, 1st floor power room: Hardwood, Gunstock
Stainless Steel Appliances
Formica Countertops - Golden Mascarello
Incentive:  Free morning room, finished basement
Upgraded master bath
Vinyl in kitchen and morning room: will change to hardwood in about a year or two (changed vinyl selection on Wednesday after seeing our selection in another Jefferson, showed a pinkish tint in the sunlight, can't remember the name of new selection)

One more week before "scheduled" ground breaking


  1. Congrats and your selections sound great. Good Luck with ground goes a little slow right after ground breaking(ie there are a couple of inspections that get in the way), but once they start the framing it goes extremely fast.

  2. Congrats on your new home! We were scheduled to break ground about 2 weeks ago, but it kept being postponed! They finally excavated today! Follow our journey :)

  3. Hi Rosita! We were scheduled to break ground back in mid/late August, but there were so many setbacks. To answer your questions, we are building in the Maryland area and the townhome model we chose is called "Inglewood."

  4. Their townhomes are beautiful, someone on tbe blogs just had one completed and all moved in, I will try to find their blog for you, lots of valuable info.

  5. Hi Rosita! I am dying to know why you decided against the stone on the exterior. Any specific reason?

    1. I really liked the look with the stone, but, hubby decided he wanted to use the money on a few upgrades inside the house. He could not wrap his head around the egress window, so he had to have a basement entrance put in. He designed it so that the entry runs along the back of the house vs. going straight out into the backyard. It was strictly his personal preference, no other reason (I like the look with the stone). :)

    2. Thanks for sharing! I do like the stone also but I was a little nervous about exactly how the finished product would look. No one in our community or any other community that I have seen has the selections we made. So I took pictures of houses that have the one or the other and cut them apart to re-create what ours will look like. My husband just laughed at me but I had to do it to make sure, we are paying a lot of money just for the exterior...After my art project was completed my worries were gone.