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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Have A House

You guys were not kidding when you said things move fast once framing has started, the picture in my previous post showed the start of framing (Friday), the picture below is from yesterday (Tuesday). I am so happy, the doors and windows are all stashed in the garage. The shingles are sitting on the roof, hopefully they were put on today, as rain is expected to move in tomorrow.  Not sure what the crane is carrying, more shingles perhaps. To much activity, so I did not get out and walk around the rear to check on the morning room.  Next will come the Home :)


  1. Could be your tub. It looks great so far!!

  2. New Build Noob - I thought maybe the tub also, but, could not figure how they were going to get it in unless they perhaps were going to drive it around to the back, so anxious to take a walk around the back to check out the morning room, did not try to go up there as they were working so diligently.

    JBY - thank you, it is such an exciting time to see it finally coming together.

  3. Rosita!! It looks great! How exciting!