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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Slow But Steady Progress

Did my usual Saturday drive to view my lot, not much visually has changed, they have added the basement floor concrete, the garage floor concrete and have added the steps from the basement to outside, paid extra for basement walk-out in lieu of the egress window. I did meet my neighbor directly across the street, they also have a Jefferson and have been there for about 10 months, they advised they have had only minor issues (nail pops, etc.) and they are thoroughly satisfied with their home.  Drove by the lot on Thursday and there was a huge white tent shape plastic covering the foundation, the tent was up to protect the basement floors from the two days worth of on and off downpours we have had.  I am sure there was unseen progress made, pipes, etc.

I also stopped by the model to chat with the SR and ended up changing my kitchen cabinets from Maple Cognac to Wyoming Cherry Bordeaux as well as changing the countertops, forgot to right down the name, was allowed to make the change without any change fees.


  1. what prompted the change in cabinet color?

  2. As I looked at more and more pictures and continued to tour model homes for decorating/ color ideas, I just started favoring the darker cabinets. She allowed us to change the cabinets and counter selection, I think our original floor selection is actually a better match to the darker cabinet then the maple cognac. The new counter top selection is antique mascarello instead of golden mascarello.